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It’s taken a very long time for me to actually get to it, but Home Switch and Timer for GTA Online have both had updates over the last day or so.

Home Switch was a relatively minor change to try to reduce the likelihood that you can get stuck inside the app but picking it as your launcher multiple times in a room, as doing so occasionally could happen before it had the chance to process what you had done. If this continues happening, I’ll look into other ways to do this (A fail safe button would most likely suffice).

Somehow Home Switch has also surpassed my expectations and has been downloaded 10,000+ times. This is some 10,000 more than I had expected…

Timer saw slightly more. I removed the pointless pie as this added no benefit and annoyed me. I’ve also fixed a few issues where the app would crash after re opening and resetting the timer. Otherwise, it looks pretty different. I’ve made it easier to read (mainly because I sit it in front of me whilst I drive around), made the sold/reset button the full width of the screen, and added a night mode as white hurt my eyes when it was late.

Talos continues to be worked on, with some fairly major changes coming in soon that revamps the settings and tweaks the layout a little, providing a more logical order with the clock and a closer resemblance to Android design (Material) – It’s still not perfect, but I like to think it is getting there. The main update for the next version is ignoring the users colour when the battery is below 15% – In no small part to my daughter not knowing what a percent and a small icon in the top corner actually means. It now clearly states low battery, and goes red. Simple things. I’m also toying with the idea of saying happy birthday, but that requires a piece of sensitive info that you may not want to put into your kid’s phone – It wouldn’t be mandatory and would be off by default, but I’m still not sure.

Anyway, 2 apps updated, and another on the way – I may even make a few tweaks to Tycka as I’ve kind of abandoned it…