Other the last few months I have seen more and more 1-3 star reviews from people running devices loaded with EMUI, Huawei/Honor, and a few others. (I mention EMUI for a reason, not to point fingers). I’ve tried tackling this before with some detection based on what ROM people have loaded on their phone but it isn’t good enough. I still get the low reviews and struggle to support due to the language barrier between me and the end users.

That’s not good enough. Fortunately, I have an Honor on hand for me to test with for a week or so (Whilst I review it). The issue with EMUI/MIU/ColorOS all tends too be that they all share a similar base. They all use the same non standard way to manage your defaults. Luckily I now have a way to access how they are displaying this.

if you want to test this, please enroll on Google Play. Version 1.0.14 initially will still say that EMUI etc is unsupported, however, pressing Open Settings should take you to the correct screen which I have not been able to do before.

I can’t say if this will work for a FireOS device, nor for anything but this Honor 7 that I have sat in front of me. I hope it does and I really would like to hear back from those that test this for me.

You’ll see ads less whilst using this version (every 10 fails rather than 3). Oh, there’s also a new icon. There was another app starting with H that was also green that confused me. it now has a pink icon. Enjoy. No more changing launcher when going to Hangouts.

As this is a beta there will be issues. I am going to be rewriting how I handle if your device is not supported or the launcher is set as default; The updates will be infrequent rather than flooding you with updates.