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Talos: What’s going on?

A while ago I started work on an Android launcher called Daddy Gave Me A Phone, which then was renamed Talos. This has been an on going project now for somewhere close to a year, spending an hour or two a week in the evenings to get it how I want it. It was originally...

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My Projects

Home Switch

A little app that will wipe your current home screen and then prompt you to select a new one. Can be used instead of finding the app that is the default in settings, and wiping defaults.


Previously known as Daddy Gave Me A Phone, Talos is a replacement home screen (launcher) for Android.

Timer for GTA Online

This app counts down 48 minutes from pressing a button, which is the same length of time as a day in GTA V, which is how often you can sell a car to make some quick money.


Tycka is an app for ChromeCast that can be used to display the 5 most recent (at present) tweets to your Cast device.

Daddy Gave Me A Phone

The original incarnation of Talos, Daddy Gave Me A Phone is now a dead project. Check inside for the life of Daddy Gave Me A Phone until it got a slightly shorter name.