talos_200x200Talos Launcher


Stu Alsford

Release date:
1 July, 2014

Android 2.1 +


£0.50 (Introductory)

Android app on Google Play


Previously known as Daddy Gave Me A Phone, Talos is a replacement home screen (launcher) for Android.

It is aimed at locking down an Android phones phones functionality so only 4 numbers can be dialled. These numbers can be defined during the initial set-up, or at any time through the settings menu. Once set-up, the app restricts certain elements of the Android interface, so that they can not be accessed. In doing so, it is than much harder to access inappropriate material, such as downloading applications from the Play Store, or ending up on websites that may warp fragile little minds.

It is the first app I started, and has been quite a while in development. This is mainly down to me only having a few hours a week to spend on it, and also due to me being new to Java and Android development. 


The idea came from my daughter, who is now 5; She has constantly been asking me for a phone for 2 years. Naturally, I don’t want her to have a smartphone that she can download games, or come into contact with things she really shouldn’t. All I wanted was for her to be able to phone my me, or my wife, if she ‘needed’ to. Be it to tell me to get her a drink, or if for some reason she has gotten lost – which hopefully would not be needed. I had a look around, and couldn’t find anything I wanted. I also felt that using the standard launchers would allow her to do too much.


  • Allows easy access to your allowed contacts
  • Custom colours and fonts to suit you


4 + 9 =