What is it?

This project has now been replaced by Talos, this page will contain the history of the app and it’s previous incarnations. From an app with 4 icons in a grid that uses very crude logos, to a vertical scrolling with an almost tile like appearance, and lastly a sliding layout that caused more issues to my sanity than any other piece of code I have written.

Where is it?

Whilst this version is dead, Talos, the replacement for Daddy Gave Me A Phone, will be launching soon. Stay tuned for more info!

Version 1

Before you start mocking this, it was the first time I had ever tried to make an Android app. It was the first time I had also tried to use Java, ever. So you can imagine my state of mind when I had what I thought was a workable idea, but not the knowledge on how to do it. Oh, I also use Eclipse… Yeah.