A while ago I started work on an Android launcher called Daddy Gave Me A Phone, which then was renamed Talos. This has been an on going project now for somewhere close to a year, spending an hour or two a week in the evenings to get it how I want it.

It was originally designed so that my daughter could have a phone, and me not have to worry about her phoning random numbers, nor that she may end up accessing some pretty horrendous content that exists in the deep, dark, depths of the internet. Sure, she was 4 at the time and far to young to even need a phone, but as she so eloquently told me it was so she “could ask me for a drink when she was in her room”. I found it hard to say no.

Anyway, fast forward a year to today and it has still not been released. Yeah. I’ve been slacking. I’ve picked up a few other projects along the way, one of which I released last night, Tycka. That means everything has been pushed out. I doubt I’ll be making my latest planned release date of 10th May unless I give up sleeping for the coming days.

But fret not, it is pretty much done and has been beta tested  by my little girl. She’s had a few suggestions that have been implemented, and that has been some of the delay. The rest? I’m lazy. I work IT all day sitting at a computer, so one of the last things I want to do when I get home is get the laptop out and write some code. I’d sooner do some gaming, or watch TV, until my brain is suitably dead that I can barely remember what happened that day.

There’s a few features I have cut to get it ready for release as they don’t work 100%, and a few others are not working quite right – This is mainly the SMS features on 4.4 – They don’t mark as read once you have gone into them, whereas they do on older versions.

Anyway, it is coming, and it is coming soon. I’d offer a date, but that would be a mistake as I am always likely to miss it if I do. That said, I still want it to be sometime this year, preferably this month, maybe next. A following post will be coming soon with some pictures of how it looks and a guide to getting set up for when it is live.

tl;dr: Talos will be released soon, but not too soon.