After what seems like an eternity, but in reality was just 2 months, I have finally released an app called Tycka. What is Tycka? Well, it is an app for Chrome Cast that can be used to display the 5 most recent (at present) tweets to your Cast device. It was originally made for March of the Droids which happened on the 10th May. In it’s current release it will still be showing the page as it appeared on the day – This is mainly down to my laziness of not having redesigned the page, but also to give people a chance to see how it was originally imagined before I go and change it all.

For more info check out the project page, which is getting updated as the days go by. Soon I’ll be open to ideas and suggestions on content that you want to see on it. For starters I am going to look into adding a stream for the users mentions, or something along those lines, so that you can see your timeline coming in through that.  When this is done, the page will be taken away from the MOTD style page and something more generic will be put in place – I also want to add slightly more interesting backgrounds so that you don’t just see grey all the time – boring.

Right now, the app costs a grand total of £0.75, but I may look into releasing a free version at some point – I’m just juggling with my hatred for ads, and inexperience with adding IAP, or pro keys. If you want to review it, let me know and I can sort out something for you to get testing with.

If you do review it however, I’d like you to consider this as a beta app, as it is very much still in its infancy. I’ll be changing how it handles logging in and a few other minor niggles I have with it along the way.

Get it on Google Play